Evacuation from the occupied territories is the only right thing to do to save yourself and your family

08-05-2022 · 3 min for reading

With the beginning of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, millions of Ukrainians found themselves under bombardment.

Most people could not leave their homes because of the sudden bombing of towns and villages. The Russian army began its occupation of Ukrainian territories on the first day. Moving aggressively forward, it seized more and more settlements. Millions of residents in eastern and southern Ukraine found themselves living in the occupied territories without the ability to travel to Ukrainian-controlled territory.

Therefore, volunteers of the charitable foundation Way of Ukraine began to evacuate people temporarily living in the occupied territories. At times risking their lives, volunteers manage to evacuate almost 1,000 people in one trip. Such trips take place almost every week.

Small children, elderly people with pets, young families - all these people were helped by the charitable foundation Way of Ukraine to save their lives and escape from the shelling. Also, ambulances with foreign medics were organized to go on evacuations to evacuate seriously ill people, bed-ridden patients.

Anyone whose relatives live in the areas of hostilities can apply to have their loved ones evacuated. The charitable foundation "The Way of Ukraine" processes every request. You and your relatives can always count on salvation by contacting us.

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