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"The Social Taxi and Social Services" project in the Kupiansk district

The "Social taxi and social services" project is an initiative aimed at improving access to necessary services for residents of the Kupyan district of the Kharkiv region. Despite the liberation of Kharkiv Oblast in September 2022, the city of Kupyansk still remains within 15 km of the demarcation line, which makes this area particularly dangerous and vulnerable.  Due to constant shelling, the restoration of normal social services in the district remains impossible. The project was implemented fr

24-01-2024 · 7 min for reading
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Heating centers: preparation for winter in communities of Kupyansky region

The project is aimed at overcoming the difficult living conditions in the de-occupied territories with the onset of frost. We are equipping heating points for the communities of Kupyansk districtAfter the Kharkiv region was de-occupied, the question arose: how should the people who stayed there live? Not everyone can or wants to leave, everyone has their own reasons... we try to help people with simple things that are important for life and health: providing heat in safe places where no shell fr

17-12-2022 · 3 min for reading
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Building a shelter for refugees in Kharkiv region

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion by the Russian army, residents of many regions of our country are suffering losses every day. Kharkiv region was a shield to protect all eastern cities, taking a huge share of losses and damage. Our organization has always tried not to stand aside and help, solving the urgent problems of our time. At first, it was assistance with humanitarian kits and basic medicines, as logistics were disrupted and people could neither buy nor receive the necessary

30-11-2022 · 4 min for reading
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Evacuation from the occupied territories is the only right thing to do to save yourself and your family

With the beginning of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, millions of Ukrainians found themselves under bombardment.Most people could not leave their homes because of the sudden bombing of towns and villages. The Russian army began its occupation of Ukrainian territories on the first day. Moving aggressively forward, it seized more and more settlements. Millions of residents in eastern and southern Ukraine found themselves living in the occupied territories without the ability to travel to Ukr

08-05-2022 · 3 min for reading
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Why has Russia invaded Ukraine?

The Russia-Ukraine war began on February 20, 2014When Ukrainian president Viktor Yanokuvych refused to sign the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union in November 2013, the citizens of Ukraine stage a demonstration in Kiev's central square, which goes down in history as the Euromaidan. This event becomes a real turning point in the history of Ukraine.After 4 months of Euromaidan, the Russian army enters Ukraine in the east under the pretext of protecting the Russian-speakin

15-03-2022 · 7 min for reading