Heating centers: preparation for winter in communities of Kupyansky region

17-12-2022 · 3 min for reading

The project is aimed at overcoming the difficult living conditions in the de-occupied territories with the onset of frost. We are equipping heating points for the communities of Kupyansk district

After the Kharkiv region was de-occupied, the question arose: how should the people who stayed there live? Not everyone can or wants to leave, everyone has their own reasons... we try to help people with simple things that are important for life and health: providing heat in safe places where no shell fragments will hit, providing a place to sleep, basic household needs such as water and a place to cook. To date, 36 heating points have been equipped in the Kupyansk community. At such a point, you can come to warm up, cook food, and charge your phone.

The next tasks at these warming centers will be to install cellular communication and provide basic medicines to provide first aid if necessary.

In anticipation of the cold weather, the enemy is cynically trying to leave people without electricity, heat and water. He wants to stop transport, shops, pharmacies, and markets from operating. The Russian aggressor is deliberately hitting the energy infrastructure. Once again, it is testing Ukrainians' strength, trying to intimidate them. But once again, Kharkiv and the region's residents prove that they will not be broken! Kharkiv residents will not be broken! Kharkiv is a hero city! We have done and will continue to do everything possible to ensure that everyone in need has heat, electricity and communication. But we must be prepared for different situations that our enemy may create.

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